Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

I paid attention while I read this book. I wanted to see if Brown was going to take sides in the explosive controversy he plays with in this bestseller. I don’t think he did. A character or two at a time or two got a little preachy or a little defiant, but I don’t think Brown did. He played it right down the middle, ending his novel with the mystery intact and leaving it up to the reader to decide what’s right.

What shocked me the most was the revelation that Christ’s divinity was voted on and decided by Constantine and the early church leaders in the 300s. If true, this seems to me like the real bombshell of the book, not if Mary Magdalene was Christ’s wife and bore his child. But I have a couple of questions for those who are part of the secret society protecting that secret. Why are you keeping it a secret? Five hundred years ago the church was burning people at the stake, but now they can’t even keep their own priests from molesting children. What’s the holdup? You got the evidence? Let’s see it. And here’s another. If you believe that Christ was married and had a child, does that mean that you do or do not believe Christ was the Son of God? In all your talk about the sacred feminine I got lost as to who you were worshipping. You’re not worshipping Mary Magdalene, are you? I really like the idea that the early church stole a lot of pagan imagery and rituals to help transition people to the religion they had just created. I hope that’s true.

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