Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Come to the Basement: How to Thrive as a Pampered Chef Spouse by Jay Christopher

This isn’t even a book. It’s a pamphlet filled with propaganda. I was given it when my wife signed up for The Pampered Chef in 2003 and I’m just getting to read it now. It revealed to me The Big Three duties I had as a Pampered Chef spouse: carry the crates, do the dishes, and watch the children. Yeah, right. And if I’m really good at that my Consultant might put me on her order form so all the other women could order a husband just like me! The thing they don’t tell you about the Pampered Chef is that it’s not about moving product (i.e., sales), it’s about getting other women to sign up to be Consultants under you (i.e., a con). It’s a pyramid scheme and Holy Mother Doris at the top of the pyramid is cashing all the checks. You think you work for yourself? You work for Doris, baby.

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