Tuesday, June 8, 2004

East is East by T. C. Boyle

I love the way this guy writes and I very much enjoyed this book. Although I must say that I enjoyed the part I read on vacation better than the part I read at home. Being on vacation and being able to leisurely read 50 pages at a time probably had a lot to do with that, but maybe the end wasn’t as good as the beginning. When it comes to writing, beginnings are easier than ends, although I think middles are the easiest of them all. The middle of this book is really good. As I said earlier, his writing is crisp and inventive and his characters are deep and developed. That one chapter he started from Turco’s point of view was amazing. It was different than everything else in the book, but may have been the truest voice in there. Like that little bit was Boyle’s natural voice and the rest of it was an elaborately-built and well-executed construct. I want to read more of this author.

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